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Printable Resources

Keeping in Touch

Keeping in touch has been designed by a team of Special Needs Resource Consultants from various agencies within the Toronto Children’s Services Every Child Belongs model. These seasonal editions are filled with fun, educational and practical information to compliment programming ideas for both indoor and outdoor environments. It is created with all age groups in mind and is geared towards providing tips for a quality care environment. We welcome you to share this resource with your colleagues, friends, and family.

Training Passport

The Training Passport has been designed as a tool to support in tracking your professional learning with City Wide Training. Please print and follow the instructions to fold into the small size so you can carry it in your wallet and document your adult learning journey.  We encourage you to bring your passport when attending trainings and a CWT representative will sign off on your attendance. Tracking your workshops will support you in keeping a record and build your professional portfolio. We look forward to seeing you at City Wide Training events.