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Socio-emotional Skills


Supporting the Social/Emotional Development of Young Children

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This article aims to provide strategies for caregivers and educators to support Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood Development.

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Child Guidance & the Registered Early Childhood Educator

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Importance of providing guidance to children in order to increase development and self-esteem.  


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Guidance - The Social/Emotional Factor

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Strategies and guidance for caregivers and professionals to support children with their social and emotional development. Discusses children's foundation for building healthy self-esteem.


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Boosting Children's Confidence

This video outlines some helpful tips in supporting children's self-esteem.

Supporting a Child with Low Self-Esteem


This video presents some ways of supporting children with low self-esteem.


Express Yourself!

This resource provides activities on how to enhance children's awareness of their emotions and supports their ability to identify how they feel.

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Teaching Children Emotions

This resource provides activities on teaching children about their emotions.

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Children Books to Support Their Self-Regulation

This resource lists off a bunch of children's books that you can use to support children's ability to process, understand, and reflect on their emotions!

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Children Books to Support Emotional Intelligence


This resource lists off a bunch of children's books that you can use to enhance children's emotional competence!

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Center for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Provides vast resources in promoting children’s social and emotional development and in addressing challenge behaviours.

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Kids Mental Health

Provides helpful articles and guides in advocating for children’s mental health.


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Practical Tools and Strategies

Tools to Support Children's Confidence

Provides simple tools to support a child's confidence.

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Play Therapy Tools to Self-Esteem

This resource provides 3 play therapy ideas for supporting children's self-esteem.

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