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Start of City Wide Training

City Wide Training was developed on the basis of the Every Child Belongs Model. Every Child Belongs is a collaboration of special needs resourcing agencies with Toronto Children’s Services. Together they are committed to ensuring the provision of enhanced services to children, their families, staff and providers in licensed child care programs in the City of Toronto.

In response to the City of Toronto's visionary initiatives and restructuring, the CWT led by Humber College was formed, and started their journey by facilitating Leadership Training on Inclusion: ”One Vision, Endless Possibilities”. The training was delivered to over 660 Child Care Supervisors, Operators, Owners, Board Members, Home Visitors and Home Providers across the city.

To further support the child care community, an extensive evaluation was conducted. As a result, additional training needs were identified which prompted the coordination of various workshops.

Over the past fourteen years, CWT has become one of the staples for professional learning and support. It has expanded its scope in terms of the range of topics, type of events, and the early learning and care audience to whom it caters. The timeline highlights key milestones and accomplishments of CWT.