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Observation and Documentation


Why Observe Children?

This article discusses the purpose of observation and factors to consider when observing children

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Pedagogical Documentation in Early Childhood

This article explains what documentation and highlights the factors to consider when documenting. 

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The Power of Documentation

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This document discusses the importance of documentation as an early childhood educator and explains what, why and how an educator should document. 

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Planning for and Documenting Children’s Learning

Understand intentional teaching and the power of observing and documenting children's learning.

The Purpose of Observation and Documentation

This video really helps educators to understand the true purpose behind observation and documentation in the early childhood setting.


Highlighting Your Centre

Having children engaged in meaningful conversations can create such diversity and uniqueness throughout the classroom environment. This resource helps you to take steps towards engaging children in these meaningful conversations so you can all work towards more rich and deeper talking experiences.

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Improving Observation Skills

Through navigating this resource you will find several ways to enhance your own and your students' observation skills

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The Importance of Observation in Early Childhood Education

This resource provides great insight as to the importance of observation and documentation in education.

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The Power of Observation Activities & Games

Observation skills are not just for educators, it is also important for children to develop these attributes as well. This resource discusses and lists some observation activities that can improve children's performance in the classroom environment.

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The Key to Intentional Teaching

Making teaching intentional can change the experience for both educators and students. This website explains the key ways to help make teaching more intentional, and it begins with understanding the role of observation.

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Why Observe Children?

This website specifically focuses on the importance of observation.

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Practical Tools and Strategies

7 Free Tools for Digital Document Management in the Classroom

This site lists resources for educators to use to help them with documentation during a typical day in the classroom.

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Tips for Teaching Effective Documentation

This resource provides educators with valuable tips to improve their ability to effectively document in the classroom environment.

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