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Looking For Professional Development Opportunities?

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This article speaks upon ways to enhance your professional development by registering for events via City Wide Training. It provides you with steps of how to access different training sessions and how to register.

Building Your Portfolio

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This article discusses the three steps in building a professional portfolio. It provides examples and information that should be included in each part of your portfolio.

The What, Why and How of Continuous Professional Learning

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The article highlights the importance of Continuous Professional Learning and that it is a large component of your professional responsibility as a member of the College of Early Childhood Educators.

Why Professional Development?

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Discusses the importance of professional development and provides the link to the College of Early Childhood Educators, “Continuous Professional Learning” article.


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Practical Tools and Strategies

Professional Development Record

This resource is to keep track of your professional development oportunities for your center's staff members.

Training Feedback and Planning Form

This resource is to support childcare center's ensure they are participating in trainings and professional development that meets the needs of their staff and the chilcare center.

CWT - Passport

This passport has been created for your convenience to keep track of your most current professional development activities.