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Workshops on the Move

'Workshops on the Move' provide you with an option to more customized and flexible professional learning opportunities for your program. At times when your team of educators requires to enhance knowledge on a particular concept, research or newly published document, the most convenient thing to do, is to arrange the session at your center/agency. The training is tailored to your program and the consistency of information is maintained among all staff in your team.

To set up a workshop for your program please fill out the Workshops on the Move Request Form. After the submission of your application, the City Wide Training Coordinator will contact you to discuss further details related to the topic and arrangement with the facilitator. The available workshop topics are listed below.

Please note that there is a cost associated with most of the sessions.

children's legs with rainboots

How to Navigate Through Emotional Outbursts with Your Kids

Children are chaotic by nature but most problem behavior is emotionally based. Our job as
educators in their lives is to use a way of being with them that promotes emotionally healthy
environments. This is THE most critical and fundamentally urgent subject matter facing childhood development today - the relationship between emotions and brain development. Emotional development practices are the key component to curbing emotional outbursts for children.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the most important thing you need to know about what causes emotional outburst for every child
  • Understand how to unhook your kids from the emotional flooding
  • Establish the 3 primary steps to immediately achieve emotional connection in the classroom
  • Instill greater creative and collaborative teaching practices that will enhance your energy levels and not deplete you

Duration: 2-hour workshop
Suitable for ECE and resource consultants, daycare staff, supervisors and parents

Presented By: Joanne Del Core

Emotions Demystified: How to use emotions in the classroom as a learning tool

Did you know that all of our decisions in daily life are dictated by our emotions or the suppression of
our emotions? This tells us that feelings rule our existence. We are constantly under the influence of
an emotion. We connect through our emotions and understanding how we feel makes us understand how others feel. The daily challenge of dealing effectively with emotions is critical to early childhood development (and to the human condition for that matter!) but also demanding.
What if the moments in the classroom that you are just trying to survive are actually opportunities to
help you and your children thrive?

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the importance of emotions, what they are and how to use them effectively
  • Tangibly understand how to turn stressful moments into teachable moments
  • Learn how you can build a new skillset as an educator and support your kids emotionally
  • Create and sustain an emotionally supportive climate for teaching and learning in your daycare community
  • Initiate a new way to communicate with your child to gain insight into their feelings and build their confidence

Workshop requirement: The prerequisite to this workshop is How to Navigate Through Emotional Outbursts with Your Kids

Duration: 2-hour workshop

Suitable for ECE and resource consultants, daycare staff, supervisors and parents

Presented By: Joanne Del Core

Children and Anxiety: How to nurture anxious kids in the classroom without disturbing everyone else’s learning

Anxiety has become the central subject in many children’s lives these days and with mental health
becoming a number one concern, it has become a big nut for many teachers and ECE’s to
attempt to crack. Only 1 in 5 children in Canada who need mental health services ever receives
professional help. As educators, we have a unique position to influence and nurture emotionally
healthy practices in our classrooms and greatly curb this statistic.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn about what anxiety is and how to manage it effectively when it presents itself
  • Understand the critical role that emotions play in early childhood development
  • Build the confidence to manage the emotional world with children and build their emotional intelligence muscle
  • Learn about the importance of emotional connection and why it’s the missing link to helping children combat anxiety and stress
  • Create the building blocks for an emotionally healthy learning environment
  • Establish and sustain well-being in your school community

Duration: 2-hour workshop
Suitable for ECE and resource consultants, daycare staff, supervisors and parents

Presented By: Joanne Del Core

Co-Active Teaching: How to collaborate to maximize the collective intelligence of your team

We all know that teaching is a collaborative process. However, the way in which we collaborate
can make or break our team dynamics. Use this workshop to enhance the collaborative process
within your team – and do it together! Every team needs to recalibrate itself, even ones that work
well. But if you’re battling toxicity in your team dynamic or feeling a lack of management support,
competitiveness, feeling under appreciated, poor collaboration is at the heart of it. This workshop is
geared towards educators of childcare centers and schools who are looking to revitalize their
team dynamics.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn about what kind of collaborator you are and expand your range
  • Be an implementer of learning not just a teacher of curriculum
  • Increase the overall sense of well-being in your classroom or school
  • Define your collaborative style as a team and work towards deeper cohesion and connection
  • Work towards streamlining your team goals and objectives
  • Alleviate stress during times of transition

Duration: 2-hour workshop
Suitable for ECE and resource consultants, daycare staff

 Presented By: Joanne Del Core

Classroom Design to Promote Positive Behaviour

Are some children running around from activity to activity without playing in a purposeful manner? Does free play become too noisy and chaotic at times? Are activities spilling over into each other so that different activities are happening in the same area at the same time? If so, you may need a classroom ‘makeover’. We will come to your Centre and work with one set of teachers and one classroom. You will learn to set up your classroom to eliminate a number of behaviour issues and promote more purposeful play with toys and materials.

Workshop Requirements:

  • One classroom at time (within a child care centre)
  • Supervisor and all teachers who work in that classroom are required to attend the full workshop
  • Total time required: 2.5 hours without children (1 hour in a meeting room; 1.5 hours in the classroom immediately after to make changes to the current room arrangement)
  • Morning, afternoon or evening times by arrangement with John Breuer and your Special Needs Resource Consultant

Presenter: John Breuer

Creative Music Circles

Creative Music Circles Workshop will come to your centre! Simply get together a group of 8 or more participants, and we will schedule a time to deliver this workshop on-site. This workshop will help make your music circles more dynamic, fun, interactive and inclusive! Although designed to help you adapt your program for children with special needs, the workshop is presented in a way that makes it useful for all programs and children. We will have an interactive theory lesson (no pen and paper required, it’s all in our handouts) and then experience a live music circle where you are the participants.

Presenter: Community Living Toronto

Fee: $20.00 per USB

Disability Awareness

ELF Principle:

3. Respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion are prerequisites for honouring children’s rights, optimal development, and learning.

An introductory workshop that is interactive, designed to simulate, and increase understanding of, the experiences of a child who may have differences in the way they see, hear, touch or engage with their world. After participating in the simulations, individuals will be able to recognize and discuss that children will bring their maximum effort despite their challenges.

Presenter: Holland Bloorview Community Outreach Team

Fee: $5 per person

Introduction to Cerebral Palsy

ELECT Principle:                                                      

2. Partnerships with families and communities strengthen the ability of early childhood settings to meet the needs of young children.

6. Knowledgeable, responsive educators are essential.

This information workshop is intended to be a primer for early childhood professionals who may be encountering a child with cerebral palsy for the first time.  Cerebral palsy will be discussed from the perspective of the brain injury, and resulting neurological effects.  At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to define cerebral palsy in their own words; they will be able to identify further learning objectives that relate to their specific situation.
This workshop will not address programming for children with cerebral palsy but information is available on request as a further workshop.

Presenter: Holland Bloorview Community Outreach Service Team

Fee: $5 per person

Autism Strategies You Can Carry Out in Your Classroom   

Supporting children with ASD is both a rewarding and challenging experience.  We know that many children on the ASD spectrum come to us with underlying deficits in the areas of communication, social interaction and adaptability that affect their behaviour in the classroom.  Once you determine which of these areas may be the primary reason for the child’s challenging behaviour, you can follow up with different strategies to make their classroom experience more positive.  The bulk of this workshop will consist of strategies presented in a game type of format.

The workshop content includes:

• understanding the core underlying features of ASD that influence behaviours we see “on the surface.”

• identifying strategies you can use in your classroom to help these children

Workshop Requirements:

Workshop Requirements:

  • • workshop length 2 hours
    • minimum 12 participants; maximum 24 participants
    • a large blank wall to post the workshop game and a room large enough to seat the participants in teams are needed
    • the Special Needs Resource Consultant affiliated with your centre will need to attend to assist with the logistics of the workshop
  • • morning, afternoon or evening times by arrangement with John Breuer and the Special Needs Resource Consultant

Presenter: John Breuer, Community Living Toronto

Fee: Free

To set up a workshop at your child care centre and for further information, supervisors should contact John Breuer at 416-356-1584 or

Delight! Excite! Inspire! Teach! – Creating a Fun and Motivating Learning Environment For Children Within Your Child-Care Setting!

An Interactive Two-Hour Workshop for Early Childhood Educators, Teachers, and Assistants

As an Educator, you certainly play a critical role, and have the capacity to make a difference in the lives of the children you see in your centres every day!  In this highly interactive workshop we’ll explore that role, and as well, investigate a broad range of strategies that can foster a stimulating learning environment. Through an assortment of fun, collaborative activities, participants will take away an abundance of practical ideas and well-honed teaching tools needed to help each child grow, learn, and reach his/her full potential. We will look at the rudimentary aspects of child development, along with the critical components that will ignite curiosity, assure understanding, impart practical skills, and heighten the emotional, social, and academic success among those in your care.
During this two-hour training session, you will explore:
• The Role of the Early Childhood Educator
• Erik Erikson’s Stages of Ego Developmental and Growth
• Ways to Address the  Diversity Within Any Setting
• Accommodations for Those with Special Needs
• Child-Centred Program Planning Strategies
• Presentation Skills that Foster Engagement, Creativity, Fun, and Learning

Join me for this fun-filled and highly informative workshop, and find out what it takes to become that unforgettably amazing Early Childhood Educator!

 Presented By: Simmy Zaret

Taking the Big Step, Practical Strategies to Help Children Prepare for Kindergarten

When you complete this training you will be able to:

  • Provide ideas and activities for child care to help children prepare for kindergarten.
  • To understand different stressors that children may experience at kindergarten and to implement strategies that may help support a smooth transition.
  • Have some knowledge of what a day at kindergarten may look like.

Taking the Big Step is a workshop that will focus on how to prepare children in care for a smooth transition into Kindergarten. The workshop focuses on the social/emotional aspects and will provide strategies on how to assist children with coping with new environments, schedules, and expectations.  Together we will explore samples of tools and materials that will be beneficial for your classroom while increasing the children's kindergarten readiness skills. We will also generate discussion about best practices using case scenarios. Upon completion participants should have the ability to prepare their preschool enviornment to help children embark on this next big step in their lives.

Presenter: Bloorview Nursery School Community Outreach Service Team

Fee: $5 per person

What to Do, When it Feels Like a Zoo!

Effective Behavior Management Techniques that Will Promote and Maintain a Safe, Peaceful, and Productive Place to Learn and Play

An Interactive Two-Hour Workshop for Early Childhood Educators, Teachers, and Assistants

You and your students have a right to teach, learn, and play in a safe, non-threatening, joyful, and most importantly, respectful child-focused environment.  While the majority of children in your program are likely to act in an appropriate and respectful manner, there are surely those, who at times, will test the limits! 

During this interactive workshop we will investigate the roots of negative behavior.  Together we’ll explore the means to circumvent these antecedents, and replace frustration with effective and supportive management techniques. Together we’ll look at an array of fair and practical strategies that can prevent or defuse disruptive behaviors. 

Your classroom doesn’t have to feel like a zoo! Join me for this fun and invaluable workshop, and replace the headache pills in your teaching tool-kit with some great and effective behavior management skills!

Presented By: Simmy Zaret

The Making of a Life-Changing Mentor

A Comprehensive Training Program for Supervisors, Directors, Assistants, Administrators, Coaches, and Head Counselors – Empowering Participants with the Critical Components that Make One a Positive, Effective and Inspirational Leader   

A Good mentor inspires

     A Good mentor is unforgettable

        A good mentor can make an impact that lasts a lifetime


Through a variety of collaborative, fun, interactive activities, discussion, and introspective exercises, this extensive training workshop investigates the essential components of a positive mentorship practice. During this session, participants will; gain a broader understanding of the diversity within any group,  explore positive supervisory techniques, practice effective means of giving feedback, and discover motivational techniques that will inspire others and enrich the working environment.  Together we will explore the fundamental means of; increasing the self-esteem of your staff, imparting practical skills, instilling leadership qualities, and ways to promote a higher level of achievement when working with young people. Participants come away equipped with a vast array of practical “tools of the trade” needed, in order to optimize the success of all those working within their programs.

 Presented By: Simmy Zaret

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