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Indoor Spaces


Child Care Design & Technical Guideline

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The document provides information about the Child Care Design layout and the regulations and standards that centres must meet according to Government Standards.


Waldorf School Education

Waldorf School

This video discusses the history and concepts of the Waldorf School Education Approach. As well as understanding that children have morals but choice.  

Montessori School Education

This video discusses the history and concepts of the Maria Montessori Education approach. This approach is created to engage students with complex concepts that would also engage all of their senses.

Reggio Emilia Education

This video discusses the history and concepts of the Reggio Emilia Education Approach. Recognizing that children are curious and full of potential.  

The Flipped Classroom Model

This video discusses The Flipped Classroom Model, in which the normalized ways of teaching are flipped backwards in order to enhance critical thinking.  


Activities & Games for Infants & Toddlers - Fall 2012

This article provides examples of different activities that educators or families can implement with infants and toddlers.


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Capacity Building Series - The Third Teacher - Capacity Building Series

Ontario’s Ministry of Education provides educators information about organizing the classroom environment to encourage math and science student participation.

The Kindergarten Program 2016: 1.3 The learning environment

The Ontario Government highlights the shared value of the environment as the ‘third teacher’. This reading is further supported by materials and resources from Early Year documents.

Inspired by Reggio Emilia: Emergent Curriculum in Relationship-Driven Learning Environments

This article published by National Association for the Education of Young Children provides an overview of the Reggio Emilia Education Model and how schools are implementing this model.

Building, Equipment and Playground

The Ministry of Education reviews the CCEYA regulations for child care buildings, equipment and playgrounds.  

Kids - ConnectAbility

Connectability offers a variety of articles about creating positive environments during regular play programming and other periods of the day, including naptime, mealtimes and circle time.

VLS - The Virtual Lab

The Department of Defense Child Development Virtual Laboratory School, developed by The Ohio State University, is an educational resource that provides early learning and care professionals with evidence based information, strategies and tools about developing effective learning environments for infant, toddler, preschool and school age children.


Practical Tools and Strategies

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