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Learning Opportunities/Activities


Understanding the Four Frames of Learning

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Throughout this article, you will analyze the four frames of learning and how it supports development and success for programming and learning environments. 

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Summer Programming and Changes in Routines ~ Supporting Best Outcomes

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This article discusses the environmental changes that come with summer, and how to support these changes in programming.  

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YMCA Learning Opportunities Program

The YMCA has a free learning opportunity program where you can take charge to further your learning in various areas through several activities or supports offered through them.

Learning Opportunities in Out-of-School Time

So much of our learning takes place outside of the classroom. This video explores how we can recognize and take advantage of the learning opportunities and activities constantly present around us


Play Based Learning Activities for Children Aged 3 to 10

Ideas for some play based learning activities that children can take part in to begin learning before they get into the classroom!

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10 Learning Lessons You Can Find in Everyday Activities

Recognizing the learning opportunities in everyday activities can make everyday tasks more rewarding. This resource helps you to identify learning activities in day to day things you take part in and how to take advantage of these opportunities presented to you.

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5 Classroom Community Books to Help Create a Supportive Environment for Your Students

This resource provides a list of books which can help to maintain and foster a healthy and supportive learning environment with an abundance of learning activities and opportunities.

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The 26 Best Back to School Books to Teach Routines & Build Classroom Community

This resource gives a list of books which can help to get children back to school and encourage the development of routines and building the classroom environment.

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Everyday Learning Opportunities

This website has great content on how to identify everyday learning opportunities

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11 Ways To Create Learning Experiences That Work

This website provides a list of ideas of how to make learning activities fit different lifestyles. This can work for both educators and professionals, as well as in classroom environments.

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Practical Tools and Strategies

7 Strategies to Improve Student Learning in the Classroom

This resource provides seven strategies educators can use to improve students' learning in the classroom.

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The best strategies to create learning opportunities for all

This resource provides access to various strategies to enhance learning opportunities for all individuals.

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