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Virtual Spaces


Pros and Cons of Programming with Technology

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Throughout this article, the exploration of the pros and cons of incorporating technology into programming will be discussed. In today’s society, technology exposure is inevitable therefore understanding the different factors associated is key

iPad = I Don't Talk: The Effects of Young Children's Screen Time

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This resource is shared from the Hanen Centre Website, and discusses how technology may affect language development and explores the screen time that is safe and unsafe for children.

Helping Young Readers in a Digital World

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This resource explores different key factors in assisting children with reading on digital media. It discusses key strategies in developing reading skills and ensuring that they are taking away key concepts that they might miss due to the technology aspect.


Distance Learning Tips For Parents And Students

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Throughout this video, it highlights different strategies that support both the parents and the students throughout virtual learning such as: creating and being consistent with a set schedule.

Activities | #1 Educational Site for Pre-K to 7th Grade

The website has multiple virtual educational games for children to interact with. It is dedicated to support children from Preschool to Grade 7.


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Infant and Toddler Resources

This article discusses different resources and websites to support children with technology and virtual learning. It provides websites and resources that are dedicated to support infants and toddlers.

Practical Tools and Strategies

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