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Virtual Spaces


Early Childhood Programming Made Simple

This resource provides some insight and suggestions of how to make programming easier and more effective for early childhood professionals.

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iPad = I Don't Talk: The Effects of Young Children's Screen Time

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This resource is shared from the Hanen Centre Website, and discusses how technology may affect language development and explores the screen time that is safe and unsafe for children.  

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Helping Young Readers in a Digital World

This resource explores different key factors in assisting children with reading on digital media. It discusses key strategies in developing reading skills and ensuring that they are taking away key concepts that they might miss due to the technology aspect.  

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Distance Learning Tips For Parents And Students

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Throughout this video, it highlights different strategies that support both the parents and the students throughout virtual learning such as: creating and being consistent with a set schedule.

Impact of Virtual Learning

This video briefly touches on the impacts that virtual learning is having on teachers, students, and parents.

Increasing Student Engagement

This resource gives you both an article and a video with suggestions of how to make virtual learning experiences more engaging for all. Children learn best from connections and real life experiences, so understanding how to keep them engaged in virtual settings is a difficult task made easier with a few of these suggestions.

Activities | #1 Educational Site for Pre-K to 7th Grade

The website has multiple virtual educational games for children to interact with. It is dedicated to support children from Preschool to Grade 7.  

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30 Virtual School Activities

This resource provides educators with a list of activities that they and their students will love!

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15 Best Distance Learning Books

This resource provides educators with ideas and guidance with regards to navigating the virtual world. The books provide suggestions, tips and tricks for how to successfully teach in an online or virtual environment.

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6 Back to School Read Alouds

This resource provides educators with a list of books to read out loud to inspire learners to be interactive and engaging with their reading

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Infant and Toddler Resources

This article discusses different resources and websites to support children with technology and virtual learning. It provides websites and resources that are dedicated to support infants and toddlers.

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Family Resources for Remote Learning

This website provides families and caregivers with guidance, support, and resources for how to help their children to learn at home or via virtual means.

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Practical Tools and Strategies

Virtual teaching 101 for Early Childhood Educators

This site discusses the tools needed to make the virtual learning expereince run smoothly and also gives early childhood educators tips to improve their online teaching.

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How to Make the Most of a Virtual Space

This resource discusses ways to make the most of a virtual space and virtual learning environment.

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Using Technology to Enhance Children’s Learning at Home and at School

This site looks at how using technology can enhance children's learning. It also briefly touches on making technology accessible and how to build positive relationships with technology use.

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