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Supporting Positive Interactions with Children

This article discusses how to build and maintain positive relationships between adults and children. Discusses key strategies and information to consider while planning play opportunities in the classroom and outside of the classroom.

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Building Relationships at Work

This document provides suggestions and examples associated with building strong positive relationships in the workplace.

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Building Positive Relationships with Families

Building relationships in early childhood education goes beyond the classroom. This video discusses why it’s important to establish positive relationships with families

A Scientific Understanding of Why Relationships Matter

This video gives a more scientific approach to why relationships matter in development


20 Relationship Building Activities for Kids

A list of 20 relationships to help foster childrens’ relationship building skills

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8 Quick Relationship Building Activities

A list of activities that can encourage relationships to flourish between students and educators

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Picture Books about Relationship Skills

Help children understand the concept of building relationships through reading some of the books suggested on this site.

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How to Build Postitive Teacher-Child Relationships

This is a book that can be purchased and will provide teachers with ideas and knowledge of how to build and maintain positive connections and relationships with students.

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Building Early Childhood Relationships In The Classroom

This site offers suggestions for building relationships in the classroom, as well as gives further explanation as to the benefits of healthy relationships and where to get started.

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Relationships and Child Development

We know strong, healthy, and positive relationships are extremely important when working with children and families. This website explores these concepts as well as how play can influence relationship building

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Practical Tools and Strategies

Building Positive Relationships with Families

Working as a childcare professional means interacting with children, families, co-workers, and sometimes childcare specialists. It is important to maintain open and honest communication with all those involved at your centre. It is especially important to establish comfortable relationships with the families of the children you work with. This resource provides educators with strategies and tips on how to build relationships with families. 

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Relationship-Building Strategies for the Classroom

Specific tools and strategies geared towards building relationships directly in the classroom environment

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