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Infant/Child Mental Health


Ask an RT!

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Registered early childhood educators have been sharing they have a lot of children in their program exhibiting a great deal of anxiety. Parents as well are approaching them and sharing the same concerns. So in response to this here are two wonderful websites for parents and RECE’s on anxiety. Investigate and enjoy!  

Brain Friendly Curriculums: Embedding the 5 R's of Healthy Brain Development into Early Childhood Programs

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Transition from child care to full day kindergarten is challenging for many children. The role of the Registered Early Childhood Educator is to attempt to support a seamless and positive shift for the children in their care. In 2012, ZERO to THREE posted a study, Preventing child abuse and neglect: Parent provider relationships in child care, identifying five necessities for healthy brain development. Embedding these 5 R’s in the philosophy and every day programming of your program will ensure children have a strong neurological framework to handle the challenges of entering full day kindergarten.



InBrief: Early Childhood Mental Health

early childhood mental health

The foundations of a sound mental health are built early in life. Early experiences shapes a child's relationship with their parents, caregivers, peers and teachers. These early experiences interact with genes to shape the the development of their brain. This video discusses this development, disruptions to children's development and potential lifelong implications.

Introduction To Psychology


This video introduces psychology, what it means and where it started. The video speaks to the science behind psychology and some key names in the evolution of psychology. 

Mental Health Literacy Explained

mental health

In this video, an explanation is provided on the importance educating mental health in schools, to increase knowledge, reduce stigma and increase the understanding on how to seek help effectively. 

Promoting Positive Mental Health

mental health children


This video speaks to the importance of mental health and how a child's environment plays a significant role in their well-being. 

Break The Stigma

mental health school children


In this video, an explanation is provided on the importance educating mental health in schools, to increase knowledge, reduce stigma and increase the understanding on how to seek help effectively. 


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Recommended children’s books that can support children's social and emotional skills



A list of recommended books that lends to nurturing social and emotional skills for a child's early years.


Facts & Figures - Children’s Mental Health Organization

Children’s Mental Health Organization provides statistics and resources about mental health for teachers, professionals, parents and youth.

About Us – BullyingCanada

Provides educators and parents with resources and services that can help support children who are being bullied.

life goes on..

The Government of Canada offers parents an excellent resource about supporting children and youth who are experiencing  divorce and separation. This text highlights the importance of taking care of yourself, communicating with your children, protecting children from conflict and transitioning to co-parenting.

Raising Resilient Children and Youth - CAMH

CAMH provides an insightful reading about enhancing resilience in children.  They also provide information for mental health education, training and programs and services.

Child Mind Institute | Transforming Children's Lives - Child Mind Institute

Child Mind Institute is an educational resource that gives parents and educators information about mental illnesses and experiences that impact mental illness. They also provide their readers with how to approach and support children who have a mental illness or are going through a stressful time.

CMHA National: Home - Canada Mental Health Organization

The Canadian Mental Health Organization is an organization that provides information about mental health, mental illness, mindfulness and the factors that influence mental health. They also provide information on what schools can do to promote positive mental health.

Mental Health - About Kids Health

About Kids Health is an education resource for kids, teens and adults and is approved by health care professionals at The Hospital for Sick Children. The website provides information about a variety of mental health illnesses and how caregivers can support a child with mental illness. Their information is provided in a variety of languages which include English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Urdu Tamil, Arabic and Hindi.

Centre of Knowledge Pamphlets - Oxford Centre for Child Studies

The Offord Centre for Child Studies provides information pamphlets about mental health topics such as anxiety, substance use and eating disorders in a variety of languages, including English, French, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Inuktitut, InuinnaqtunPortuguese, Punjabi and Italian.

They also provide research articles on mental health.

Early Childhood Mental Health - Harvard University

Harvard University’s Centre on the Developing Child provides readers with videos and readings about early childhood mental health, resiliency, toxic stress and brain architecture.

Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development


The Child Encyclopedia investigates the topic of mental health, resiliency, ADHD and anxiety. The Child Encyclopedia not only provides evidence-based articles, but concise info sheets.

Practical Tools and Strategies

Separation Anxiety

The start of school is a milestone that is often awaited with anticipation and joy but also with crying, uncertainty and resistance, from both children and parents. For some children, the main source of anxiety related to entering school is that they have absolutely no idea what to expect. For parents, some causes of separation anxiety include; worrying if their child will feel abandoned, concerns if their child will be safe and ultimately will they be properly taken care of.

Mental Health Resource for Schools & Colleges

Anna Freud National Centre for Families and Children is an organization focused in the UK that provides educators and school staff with resources to not only take care of one self’s mental health, but also educating children and how they can take care of their own mental health. Practical Tools include videos, infosheets and tool kits.

Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resource - A Daily Mental Health Resource

School Mental Health ASSIST provides educators with activities in the topics of stress management, identifying emotions, motivation, relationships, sense of identity and executive functioning.

About Us - School Mental Health Ontario

School Mental Health Ontario works with the Ministry of Ontario to implement positive mental health strategies in schools. They also provide educators, students, parents and school system leaders with various articles about positive mental health strategies.

Strides Toronto: Homepage - Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Centre

Strides Toronto is a Toronto agency for Infant, Children and Youth Mental Health since 2015. Their aim is to connect with Toronto’s 25 core service providers to meaningfully engage youth and families as well as build and strengthen relationships with community partners and various sectors. Such as education, healthcare, welfare, and justice—to better meet infant, child, and youth mental health needs.

Children's Mental Health Programs - Child Development Institute

Child Development Institute (CDI) is an accredited children’s mental health agency. CDI provides a range of programs and services for children, youth and their families. CDI offer evidence-based programs across four streams: Early Intervention Services, Family Violence Services, the Integra Learning Disabilities & Mental Health and Healthy Child Development.

George Hull Centre Service for Children and Families

The George Hull Centre provides resources and support to encourage children to open up, learn coping skills, and develop positive mental health and emotional well-being.

Nobody's Perfect

Nobody's Perfect is a facilitated community-based parenting program for parents of children from birth to age five. The program is designed to meet the needs of parents who are young, single, socially or geographically isolated, or who have low income or limited formal education.