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Sensory Engagement


The Importance of Sensory Play

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This article discusses the importance of sensory engagement for holistic development.  


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Sensory Play and Cognitive Development


This article from Michigan State University outlines the cognitive benefits of involving sensory play with children.

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Sensory Strategies + Tools with Household Materials for Distance Learning

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This video provides tools and strategies to help children stay regulated and engaged in distance learning.  

How does sensory play help my child's development?

From a speech pathologist, this video indicates the ways sensory play positively influences a child's development. 


Sensory Play for Toddlers and Preschoolers

This resource provides ideas for sensory play activities for toddler and preschooler ages.

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Sensory Play for Toddlers

This resource provides ideas for sensory play activities for toddler ages.

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Sensory Books for Preschoolers

This resource lists 5 books that describe stories of children with sensory issues which can help other children understand themselves or others in the classroom!

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Sensory Motor Skill Books


This resource outlines a few books that can be used to support children's sensory motor skills. 

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Fun Sensory Play

This website provides a wide array of sensory play ideas!

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Practical Tools and Strategies

Sensory Bin Tools

This resource lists off some tools that can support children’s exploration in sensory bin activities!

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Mega List of Sensory Bin Fillers

This resource lists off a bunch of filler options for your next sensory bin!

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