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Child safety at home: Checklist

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This article is a checklist to promote safety at home for children. It discusses different ways to build a safe environment and how to do it.,keep%20them%20away%20from%20children

Child Safety

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This article promotes different key elements to ensure child safety and how we can prevent injuries. It provides examples on different risk factors and how to make the environment safe.


Home Safety Tips for Parents

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Our homes have turned into much more than places to relax and spend time together. There are many new distractions as families work from home, educate children and focus on staying healthy. With those distractions come safety risks inside our homes that often go unnoticed. This video provides a recommended way to ensure your home is secure for children.

Toy Safety Tips

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This indepth video resource sheds light on the toy injuries and tips around how to ensure the toys children play with can be made safer.


Home Safety for Educators

This resource provides resources on safety of educators. The resource covers activities that can be incorporated into play from fire safety, medication safety and toy safety.

Activities That Teach Safety

This resource provides  fun and practical activities so that children  can gain a deeper understanding and respect for safety precautions. A major plus in a safety focus is that children have to listen, communicate, and cooperate as these are all essential social-interaction skills.These activities are fun because they invite children to think critically and play creatively. 


Children's Books About Body Safety & Consent

This resource provides a wide range of books about body safety and consent.


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Practical Tools and Strategies

Injury Prevention and Safety Activity Book

This resource proovides children with fun and interactive ways to learn about fire and safety. Children will learn about fire and home safety, bike safety and more from educational word jumbles, doodle pages, mazes, and other fun activities.