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The Importance of Team Building

committee members

This resource describes the importance of team building, the impacts it has, and its role in group projects.

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Guide to Great Leadership

children playing

This resource discusses the role of a leader, the importance of leadership in early childhood education, and how to be a great leader.

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What is takes to be a great leader

woman talking

This Ted Talk speaks about the importance of constant learning, interpersonal skills, emotional and mental wellness and awareness in being a great leader. 


Team Building Exercises

This resource provides exercises educators can use to nurture team building among child in their care. 

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From Survive to Thrive: A Director’s Guide for Leading an Early Childhood Program

This book is a guide filled with research and tips to apply to the early childhood field in developing effective policy, building strong teams, managing a budget, handling confrontation, and achieving and maintaining full enrollment.

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ECE Leadership Skills

Free to access, this book provides information on leadership building in the field of early childhood education.

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Leadership | NAEYC

Provides various kinds of resources on leadership and team building.

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Anti-Bias Leaders

This website provides a link to a film that reflects on anti-bias education in the early years

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Practical Tools and Strategies

Tools for Early Childhood Leaders

Provides 5 technology based tips for early childhood leaders.

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What is your Leadership Style?

This resource provides tips and tools in identifying your leadership style, which can help you understand what kind of leader is best fit for your skills and temperament!

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