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Children's Health - Harvard Health

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This resource provides extensive information on how to discuss and inform children on health, mental health and beyond.


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Healthy Foods for Kids

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This resource by the Health Guide, provides parents and caregivers with simpley yet effective tips to incorporate healthy food choices without turning mealtime into a battle zone. 


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Childhood Nutrition

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This article provides information for childhood nutrition for babies to teenagers, it also covers the estimated calorie intake by age and gender.


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Nutrition Learning Hub

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Learn about the different food groups and find examples of serving sizes for each group. Find information about the different nutrients in food and how much of each you need every day to stay healthy.


Nutrition Guidelines for Toodlers

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This video highlights tips ans strategies to help parents and care givers to introduce and incorporate healthy eating for toodlers.

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Healthy Habits for Kids

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This video discusses what does healthy eating mean for your child and ways to incorporate healthy eating into their diets. 


Healthy eating games and activities

This resource provides parents and caregivers activities they can incorporate into daily activities and learning to encourge healthy eating among children. 


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Preschool Nutrition Activities

This resource lists off many interesting activities for teaching nutrition to preschoolers.


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Books That Teach Kids About Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits

This resource provides an extensive list of books that teaches kids the importance of nutrition and healthy eating. When kids learn about good nutrition and develop positive attitudes about eating, it goes a long way toward lifelong health.


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Institute of Child Nutrition

This resource provides extensive information on nutrition, including school nutrition programs to child nutrition recipe box. This resource hosts content in webinar series and podcasts format. 


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Unlock Food

Provides resources from dietitians on picky eating, involving children in cooking, and in general, children’s nutrition.



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SuperKids Nutrition

SuperKids Nutrition provides research resources, printables for children, and books on encouraging nutritious eating in children.



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Practical Tools and Strategies

Kids Healthy Eating Plate

A visual guide to help educate and motivate children to eat healthy and partake in physical activity.

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Nutrition Tips for Kids

This resource lists tips for children’s healthy eating!

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