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Diverse Needs


Creating Inclusive Naturalized Outdoor Play Environments

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This article provides research on the benefits and areas of growth in creating inclusive outdoor learning environments.


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Building a Better Future: A Discussion Paper for Transforming Early Years and Child Care in Ontario

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This paper discusses planning and conversations surrounding building a better future for children and the field of Early Years and Child Care in Ontario. It discusses the purpose of the field and evaluates how to improve this.  


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Billy Samuel Mwape: An innovative way to support children with special needs

Depicts an inspiring and interesting story of a child with exceptionalities in their development through the father’s perspective.

Supporting Children's Individual Needs

This video provides some helpful strategies from different educators on supporting children with diverse needs.


Activities for LGBTQ+, Sexuality, Gender, & Facilitation » The Safe Zone Project

This resource provides a myriad of activities on core vocabulary, demistifying myths and inclusivity around gender and sexual identity.


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Toolkit for Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression

This toolkit provides resources, activities and points of discussions on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. 


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Eight LGBTQ - positive children's books in time for Pride and year-round learning


This resource provides a list of 8 children's books that are LGBTQ-positive.

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Services for Children with Extra Support Needs

This resource from the City of Toronto website provides information on how educators can access services for children in their class who need extra support.

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Practical Tools and Strategies

Children with Special Needs

Provides information on children with special needs including programs and services available, support in the child’s development, and resources for special needs professionals.

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Tools for a Sensory Informed Classroom

Provides tools in cultivating a sensory informed classroom, acknowledging and attending to the needs of the children.

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A toolkit for professionals in supporting special needs and inclusion in the classroom. 

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Vision Loss and Impairments

This resource from third year students of the Humber-UNB BN program features valuable tools for supporting children who have vision loss or impairment.

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