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Diverse Needs


Outdoor Fun in the Sun!

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This article highlights different strategies to support children in outdoor programming with diverse needs. 

Building a Better Future: A Discussion Paper for Transforming Early Years and Child Care in Ontario

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This paper discusses planning and conversations surrounding building a better future for children and the field of Early Years and Child Care in Ontario. It discusses the purpose of the field and evaluates how to improve this.


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Activities for LGBTQ+, Sexuality, Gender, & Facilitation » The Safe Zone Project

This resource provides a myriad of activities on core vocabulary, demistifying myths and inclusivity around gender and sexual identity.

Toolkit for Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression

This toolkit provides resources, activities and points of discussions on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.


Gender Diversity Booklist


This resource provides a list of books on gender diversity.

Eight LGBTQ - positive children's books in time for Pride and year-round learning


This resource provides a list of 8 children's books that are LGBTQ-positive.


Resources for Adult and Children

A list of resources for adult and children from the Keeping Intouch edition.

Practical Tools and Strategies

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