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This article is a bridge to many different articles about different components of health and the importance of children’s physical health. It also discusses components of health for professionals to acknowledge such as CPR training and understanding how to support children with diverse health conditions.  


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Physical activity: Benefits of exercise for health and wellbeing

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About Kids Health published this article to help individuals understand the benefits of exercise in overall health and well-being. Discusses the importance and benefits in different developmental domains and how it contributes to holistic well-being.  

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Top 3 benefits of physical activity

physical activity

This video discusses the top three benefits of physical activity through the examination of three key components: body, brain, emotions.  

Exploring the importance of physical activity for brain health in children and youth

This video explores the role of physical activity in positive brain development and mental wellness. More specifically, how quality physical activity plays a role in a child's ability to concentrate, creatively think and problem solve. 


Health and Hygiene Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

This resource discusses health and hygiene activities. The resource provides activities that early childhood educators and parents can engage children in to promote healthy habits. 


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Healthy Activities to Do at Home

This resource discusses healthy activities to do at home through movement and play, healthy eating and nutrititon and mindfulness to support children's emotional health.


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Children's Activities About Healthy Eating

This resource sheds light on how to introduce healthy eating to children through classroom activities. 

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Healthy Habits for Kids- Book List

This resource provides parents and care providers with books that will encourage healthy habits that are more crucial from the onset of COVID-19. 


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12 Kids' Books that Help Promote Healthy Habits

This resource provides parents and care providers with 12 books that will encourage developing health habits for young children. These books focus on eating nutritious foods, being physically active as well as how getting adequate rest can help your whole family be happy and healthy, both now and in the future.


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Healthy Kids, Healthy Future

This resource provides advice on children's health and highlights the role of parents and caregivers in reducing child obesity. The resource provides information and activities that parents can incorporate in their child's life to reduce screen time, increase physical activity as well as improving food choices and so much more.  

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This resource provides advice on children's health, behaviour and growth, from birth through to teenage years. 


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Practical Tools and Strategies

Physical activity for children and youth

To help children develop habits that will last a lifetime, an active, healthy lifestyle must start early in life. This resource provides educators and families with activities to engage children at different age groups as well as children with chronic illnesses. 


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G-Tubes Infographic

This infographic will provide professionals with general information regarding gastrostomy tubes in children and ways to detect early signs.There are also additional resources for tools and strategies that can be helpful to navigating this topic.

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Hearing Loss and Impairments

From third year students from the Humber-UNB BN program, this resource indicates early signs of hearing loss in infants, how to foster an accessible environment, and lists off a bunch of resources to support children with hearing loss and impairments.

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Caring for Children with Sickle Cell Disease

From third year students of the Humber-UNB BN program, this resource outlines ways of lessening a sickle cell crisis, how to support a child in pain due to sickle cell disease, and how to distinguish a medical emergency. It also links a bunch of reputable sources for supporting a child with sickle cell disease. 

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Impact of Seizures in Children and How to Support Them

From third year students of the Humber-UNB BN program, this infographic outlines what seizures are, the signs and challenges associated with seizures, and how to create a supportive environment. 

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