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Time to Get Ready!

Getting ready for outdoor play gets more complicated as the weather becomes colder. This activity is meant to be a helpful way to assist children in putting on all the gear necessary for a Canadian winter.

It can be presented as a “challenge” to see how fast children can get ready with minimal staff support. At first children may require a lot of support in order to follow through however this should lessen over time.


  • Body outline 
  • Pictures of task to be completed 
  • Folder Velcro

While these expectations are being followed through with, each child should be given a lot of positive praise e.g. hugs, thumbs up, high fives, kind words, a sticker, a stamp, etc. Prompts and redirection can also be given to keep the children on task and focused. Whoever is assisting in the cubby area should do the following:

  • Place the folder/outline in a visible and easy to reach place for when it is time to start getting ready.
  • Take off the cards and give one at a time to the children in the expected order of task completion. Prior to handing a card out children should be shown the picture and told what to do. For example: Show the picture, give the card and state “_________, go and put your snow pants on." When the task has been completed, he or she can stick it to the folder and then the next card should be given. This process should be done until the task is completed.
  • Remember be encouraging, stay positive, and be patient!
  • Children should be praised upon each task completion and when they has been able to finish the entire task they should be praised again for a job well done and given a “good job card” to add to the folder.
  • In the beginning it may take a few prompts and redirection to get into a routine, however with consistency and follow through improvements should seen.
  • Over time when the children are able to follow through with each expectation, it could be made more challenging by using a timer, or having the child complete two or more tasks at a time.

Nicole Livingstone - Intensive Resource Support Worker
Aisling Discoveries Child & Family Centre