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Let's Get Creative!

You Don't Have an Infant Playground? But Want One? Not a Problem...

We all know the importance of children being able to experience gross motor activities as well as being able to explore the outdoor world. We also know that not all childcare centres have playground areas that are licensed for infants. As a result many infants experience the outdoor world in a stroller, watching the world pass by. The good news is that centres can be creative in order to solve this dilemma.

Why not try Playground Sharing? This is where a centre shares its infant playground space with another centre that does not have an infant playground space. This can work very well and a wonderful example of this occurs every day at Hester How Childcare Centre. In the morning a group of infants arrive by stroller from Scotia Plaza Child Care Centre to use the infant playground space at Hester How Child Care Centre. The two centres have come together and arranged playground times to accommodate each group of children with a common goal, that the infants get an opportunity to have outdoor gross motor play.

Congratulations to both, Hester How Child Care Centre and Scotia Plaza Child Care Centre for working together to offer infants a wonderful experience!

Janet Scott
Toronto Foundation for Student Success