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It's Here Once Again

Welcome to the Fall edition of Keeping In Touch. The focus of this edition is on promoting the healthy development for our toddlers and preschoolers. Specifically there is information regarding language development and supporting social/emotional development. To enhance our work we’ve also included ideas related to the team building process, including team building exercises. And there is a short, but thought-provoking, piece on professional development.

Language Development - What to Expect

By 18 Months a child should:

  • Understand the meaning of in, out, off and on 
  • Point to at least 2 body parts when asked 
  • Use at least 20 words consistently 
  • Demonstrate some pretend play with toys

By 2 Years a child should:

  • Use 100 - 150 words 
  • Consistently combine 2 - 4 words in short phrases 
  • Enjoy being around peers  

By 30 Months a child should:

  • Use over 350 words 
  • Use some adult grammar (two cookies, bird flying, I jumped) 
  • Participate in some turn-taking activities with peers using words and toys 
  • Remember and understand familiar stories

By 3 Years a child should:

  • Understand who, what, where and why questions 
  • Create sentences using 5 - 8 words 
  • Tell simple stories
  • Talk in a way that most people outside of the family understand what he/she is saying most of the time

By 4 Years a child should: 

  • Follow directions involving 3 or more steps 
  • Tell stories using a beginning, middle and end 
  • Show increasingly complex imaginary play 
  • Match some letters with sounds

Source: Toronto Preschool Speech & Language Services, Communication Checklist, Toronto Public Health. Retrieved November 18, 2013 from