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Gross Motor


Building Physical Literacy into our Programs

Physical activity should be a fun part of a child’s life every day and is essential for healthy child development. Supporting and developing physical literacy requires more than just providing time in childcare to be physically active.

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Let's Get Moving!

There is growing and compelling evidence that regular and planned physical activity for all children has not only physical benefits, but benefits for academic and social success as well.

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Hop, Skip, Jump and Play! Gross Motor Planning Activities for All Ages

Summer offers many opportunities to have fun and engage with children in active movement.

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Cultural Games from Across the World

“Children around the world grow up in an unimaginable variety of environments. Although their homes, experiences and cultures may vary, a common denominator is that children everywhere love to play and entertain themselves. Some games are comparable, while others are unique to particular cultures.”  Quoted from “Traditional Children's Games in Australia” by Dee Taylor.

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