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Ask an RT!

Lately Registered Early Childhood Educators have been sharing they have a lot of children in their program exhibiting a great deal of anxiety. Parents as well are approaching them and sharing the same concerns. So in response to this here are two wonderful websites for parents and RECE’s on anxiety. Investigate and enjoy!

  1. AnxietyBC has a very detailed website that includes resources for both individuals struggling with anxiety and parents. The information is also valuable and easily adaptable for RECE’s.
  2. PlantLoveGrow is another website that provides free downloadable activities, books, and games for RECE’s. Anxiety is only one topic they cover. Great ideas and easy to implement!

Something on your mind? Have a question or concern? Most likely lots of other RECE’s are wondering the same thing. Please send any questions you would like answered, with the heading in the subject line, “Ask an RT” to

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