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An Uppercase & LowerCase Alphabet Game

This simple activity incorporates fine motor movement and differentiating between upper and lower case letters. It is most suitable for kindergarten and young school-aged children.

You will make a set of alphabet cards with uppercase letters on one side and lowercase letters on the other. It is best to make multiples of each letter.

The alphabet cards can be tossed into the air or fanned out on the ground or a table. The children then flip the cards over to either all uppercase or all lowercase depending on the instruction given.

For the younger children, keep it simple, start with alphabet cards of all the same letter as in the photo below. And limit the number of cards in the game.

For older children, increase the challenge by using more cards, using multiple letters, or using a timer.

To vary the game have the children sort the alphabet cards by upper and lower case according to the way they fell when tossed. Have the children chart the amounts as they sort!

Faye Dundas, Early Childhood Consultant
Humber Child Care Consultation Services